Integrated Lead Management for Pest Control Software

Lead beevio-logo-mmanagement is a definite must when it comes to marketing your business. In today’s competitive business environment response time to leads can be critically important. Consumers that request more information, a quote, or an inspection online are expecting a quick response or they will just move on to the next company. Getting your leads to the right person quickly will produce a far better return on your advertising investment dollars.

For a lead management program to give you the highly efficient results you want, it needs to be seriously strategized. This task is no walk in the park if you attempt it on your own without any help. Shooting off mass emails to new leads will only cause your company to be tossed into the junk mail pile if you aren’t careful. Customers want to be treated as individuals each with their own specific needs, and they need to feel taken care of in that way if you are to cultivate a good business relationship that is profitable for both your business and theirs. Customization is key, and competent lead management software is necessary to navigate this part of marketing your company to prospective new customers to produce positive results.

Beevio offers an integrated lead management component that allows you to use your pest control software to manage incoming leads and convert them into work orders. The initial communication that you have with a new lead will engage the customer, push them away, or fail to initiate further inquiries. That’s why your lead management software needs to be reliable, because the success of your business depends on it. Beevio puts the control in your hands by giving you options to alert specific people by pop up alerts in the program, e-mails, or text messages. You can send out different alerts based on the day of week and time of day.

E-marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies to gaining and maintaining leads, therefore reliable lead capture and follow-up is vital to your success. Aceapp can build a custom lead capture form for your website that connects directly to your online Beevio database. If you have multiple websites it’s no problem because the system can identify which website produced the lead.  It’s easy to set up and easy to manage.  Take control of your leads and respond quicker than ever with Beevio’s integrated lead management system.

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