Web Based Pest Control Software

If you’re in the market for pest control software to help organize and run your pest control business then you need to be looking at web based pest control software solutions. While many mobile pest control software providers claim to offer web based solutions, a closer look will reveal they are only partially web based and lack compatibility with most of the common mobile devices and cross platform browsers on the market. Before investing your most valuable asset, ask the right questions, request a demo account, and do some testing on your own devices. Wasting several months of your time can be very costly and frustrating so make sure to choose wisely.

Here’s a few questions to ask the software provider:
Is your company actively developing the software?
What are the latest feature releases?
What features are currently being developed?
Is your web based pest control software compatible with cross platform browsers like Firefox and Chrome?
Do you have mobile apps to support the product on iPhones and Android devices?
Does your software require any special installations on local computers to function properly?
Does your software work on touch pad devices?
Can you backup your web based data to a local backup drive?
Where is the web based data being stored?

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