Pest Control Management Software – Go Mobile with the Beevio App

QR Code integration for service ticket tracking

Like most customer-based industries, keeping your customers satisfied is a first priority for pest control businesses. To assure upkeep of good rapport and building a loyal customer base, as a pest pro you want to stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest technologies from what kinds of treatment products you are using to what kind of pest control software you use to manage your business.

Nowadays everyone is doing everything online and there is a huge demand for mobile compatible, well, everything. To satisfy this demand in the world of pest control, Aceapp has created the Beevio App which was officially released earlier this year. As a pest professional, we understand that to run your business more efficiently you need a pest management software solution that your technicians can carry with them out in the field. Beevio provides several important features regarding this aspect, including:

  • Time on site tracking for service stops (including email notification of arrival and completion)
  • QR code integration for service ticket tracking and easy reference
  • Integrated route mapping with Google maps
  • Scheduling management

Another great feature that comes standard with Beevio mobile pest software is remote backup service. Not only is your data automatically backed up in our cloud servers, but we also backup your data locally. You can also download you own encrypted backup anytime so you know either way, if something happens at your office, a computer crashes, a power outage, etc. your data is safely backed up. Backing up your data is a crucial part of ensuring safe handling of your pest control database. When a crisis hits, you know that you will be able to get your business up and running again in no time with Beevio’s extensive backup system.

As an authority in pest control software, Aceapp understands the needs and demands of the pest control industry. Your pest management software should be easy to use with a logical flow and a clean look and feel. Beevio has really hit the mark in those areas with a completely web based approach to pest software. No matter what the size of your company, Beevio can fit your everyday mobile pest management needs and we are working and improving upon our mobile pest control software at full speed so that it can continue to be as intuitive and efficient as possible.

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