Mobile Thermal Printers – Printing on the Go

brother-mobile-printerThe pest control industry, as with the rest of the world, is constantly searching for more and more solutions geared toward becoming mobile in all aspects of business. From account management to scheduling routes, the more accessible your data is the easier it is to run your business. An excellent solution to all your mobile pest control software needs is Aceapp’s all new Beevio App. If you are a growing or brand new pest control company and want a simple straight-forward solution to running your business smoothly, then this is definitely the answer. Beevio is completely web based and can be easily accessed on all of your devices (laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.).

One particular device that is increasing in popularity is the mobile thermal printer. The Brother PocketJet 6 series printers are a definite favorite among field service reps as an in-vehicle mobile printer solution. This gives them the ability to print out crisp, clean, professional-looking receipts for customers right on the spot. Depending on preference, a mobile thermal printer can be mounted pretty much anywhere inside the vehicle or carried in a tool bag or briefcase. However, many companies go with the specially designed notebook that holds the tiny printer and thermal paper right inside of it so everything stays neat and clean when printing (no need to touch anything). This total package solution is great for many field service related businesses, especially the pest control industry.

One benefit of using a thermal printer over an inkjet is that there is no need to worry about extreme temperatures while being hauled around inside the truck because these little printers can stand the test no problem. Another plus is that a thermal printer requires much less moving parts so it is easily made smaller and more portable. If you are looking for an even more advanced solution, Brother has recently come out with a PocketJet that is specifically designed to work with iPad and iPhone devices.

Here at Aceapp we are always updating our software to bring you the best solutions and features so that your pest control company can run at optimal levels. But our support does not stop there. We are also continually researching other ways to create thriving business and growth for our customers, such as the area of mobile thermal printers. So keep checking back with us for more practical solutions and new technologies to help your pest control company stay ahead of the game!

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